Padel – what is it and why  should you play this wonderful sport?

What is Padel?

Perhaps your first thought is, “What is padel?”

So, let me bring you up to speed regarding one of the fastest growing, on trend leisure activities in Europe right now.

Padel is a fun, easy to play sport with 4 people on what looks like a smaller version of a tennis court with glass and metal walls, using bats which look like large table tennis bats and a soft tennis ball!

Padel tennis in the sunshine at La Manga Club

How do you play?



For many people it combines all the enjoyable elements of tennis such as playing with your friends, fun competition and doing something active, without being anywhere near as difficult. Indeed, after a quick introduction to the rules and the basic skills you are good to go. You do not need Olympic fitness levels nor elite level tennis skills to have a wonderful 60-minute game and before long you are sure to understand why the sport is becoming so popular with people of all ages, regardless of previous sporting experience.

Where can I play Padel?

The Racquets Club at La Manga

What better place to be introduced to Padel than The Racquets Club at La Manga Club. With 315 days of sunshine per year you are almost guaranteed to be playing in wonderful weather, under a crystal-clear blue sky. You can either hire your own court for just 5 euros per person per hour, or take a lesson with one of the friendly, experienced professional coaches. Or perhaps you would prefer to join in one of the many “Social Padel” sessions organised by The Racquets Club each day during the summer months so you can make new friends whilst playing this fabulous sport.

Photo - Private beach at La Manga Club

After your game?

Time for a drink….

Afterwards you can take an ice-cold drink and tapas at the welcoming bar, perfectly located right next to the courts and then wander to the wonderful on-site restaurant just a few steps a way to sample delicious food, chat about your padel prowess and restore your energy levels.

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